Data & Privacy

We want our web users to be knowledgeable about their data. We also want them to have autonomy over their data and its usage. We therefore strive to inform users about how their data is used and collected. Doing so helps our clients protect their privacy and make positive decisions about their data. On this page, we lay out our data and privacy policies. If you have any concerns about your data that are not addressed on this page, please feel free to Contact Us. We will be transparent and we will respect your personal data choices.

Information Collection

Automatic Collection

All websites, but especially e-commerce websites, rely on user data to function. This data is often collected automatically. For example, websites use cookies, which are small, often encrypted text files that support the functionality of sites on web browsers. To learn more about cookies, visit Websites also use log files, which are essentially usage data that allow developers to monitor site functionality. Log files contain device information such as IP addresses, browser IDS, operating systems (Mac OS or Windows), and timestamps. At Evening Land Books, we rely on these automatic data collection systems to keep our site working properly. Yet we also recognize the responsibility of such data. Wherever possible, we keep automatically collected data encrypted and anonymous.

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Submitted Information

When users make an account with us and/or make a purchase, we receive their names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and payment information. Payment details are always encrypted. In the case of purchases, we need to maintain this data for accounting purposes, but it is not shared or maintained for any other purpose. Our accounts are always kept private.

When users communicate with us via our forms or emails, we receive their email and any other information they provide. These communications include signing up for our newsletters, submitting our Books to Sell form, submitting our Contact Us form, or posting comments to our blog, Collector’s Counsel. We maintain these communications unless users request that they are deleted. We respect these requests and will fulfill them in a timely manner.

Shared Information

Payment details, billing and shipping addresses, and communication content are never shared with other companies or individuals. Email addresses are shared only with our newsletter management system, Constant Contact. Anonymized data on our site is shared with the following: Google Analytics; Jetpack; WooCommerce; Kaya Studio; Microsoft Ads; Google Ads.

Payment Systems

Payments on our site are always encrypted. We accept major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express). These payment systems are secure. All other information about our payment systems is confidential for security purposes.

Requesting Your Data

You have the right to know how your information is used or shared. Contact Us if you would like a personal report of your information on our site. We can also erase or adjust your information on our platform(s) upon request. The only exception involves purchase information. For accounting purposes, we must maintain the names, emails, and purchase totals associated with every sale.

Server Security

Our server is stored in a secure facility with restricted access. Our server is protected with custom firewalls. All other information about our server is confidential for security purposes.