The Collector’s Counsel

The Collector’s Counsel is an informational series hosted by Evening Land Books. Using our knowledge of print history, bibliography, and culture, Matthew and Kristina contribute these resources in the hope that collectors will find them useful, engaging, and insightful. We cover all manner of information as it intersects with book collecting. All of the information is drafted entirely by us. If you want to learn more about our professional backgrounds, you can visit Matthew’s website here or Kristina’s website here. We are trained book experts and academics in the field of library and information science.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of first edition points by publisher, a glossary of over 300 book-related terms, and much more. Please Contact Us if you have any book-related questions not covered here. Also, are you pleased with the information we’re providing? Consider leaving us a Google review.

First Edition Information by Publisher

This is our list of nearly 200 publishers and their known issue points. This resource is useful for doing preliminary assessments or research on your editions and their publishers. We compiled this information from dozens of bibliographies, online resources, and our own inventory database. We then reviewed examples to verify the listed edition points. It is one of the largest online resources for issue points by publisher.

A Glossary of Book Terms

This is our list of over 300 terms related to books, printing, and book collecting. The entries go beyond simple dictionary definitions with each term given a thorough explanation. There is a rich history of glossaries in the book trade and no shortage of resources, but our glossary is free, accessible, and comprehensive. It also tries to frame the jargon of book collecting in its appropriate contexts.

A List of Common Acronyms

We’ve compiled the following list of common acronyms. These acronyms are useful to the cataloguer and experienced collector, but they can be alienating to new collectors who would have no way of knowing their full spellings. We therefore thought it would be helpful to compile this brief resource.

Condition Grading Scales

We don’t hope to achieve a standardization of condition grading scales across the book trade. That is be beyond our control. We can, however, clarify our own condition grading scales. In that regard, we provide this resource. It describes our condition grading scale in detail. It also addresses the complicated and ranging expectations of condition in the book trade.

Award Winners Lists

We don’t necessarily advocate for framing collections based solely on literary awards, but we also recognize the practice as common and worthwhile for many collectors. So, to assist anyone building a collection of award winners, we provide the following lists for the Pulitzer Prizes in Poetry, History, Drama, Biography, Fiction, and General Non-Fiction, the Nobel Prize in Literature, the Booker Prize, the National Book Awards for Fiction and Poetry, the Hugo Award for Best Novel, the Nebula Award for Best Novel, the Caldecott Medal, and the Newbery Medal. These lists contain the winning titles and authors going back to each award’s inception.